The Trial


Bryant does an extraordinary job of re-creating the Depression-era milieu during which the trial unfolded and, at the same time, conveying the gravity of an event that may have been a miscarriage of justice. As Katie says, "When a man's on trial for his life / isn't every word important?" Bryant shows why with art and humanity.

Publisher’s Weekly
The spare observations of each poem delve deeply into the Depression-era mentality and effectively demonstrate how Katie Leigh and the town are transformed by the media frenzy accompanying the trial of the so-called crime of the century … Bryant crafts a memorable heroine and unfolds a thought-provoking tale.

Children’s Literature
The tragic figures of Charles and Anne Lindbergh as they appear to Katie at the trial are quite moving. This historically rich and emotionally wrenching account would be a useful addition to classes studying this period in American history.

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