Music for the End of Time


Kirkus Reviews
Soulful drawings in charcoal and pastel illustrate this poignant bright-spot-in-the-middle-of-war story … Peck uses yellow wonderfully, incorporating it with browns and greens to show both joy and despair. Her pictures carry a perfect balance of pain and possibility.

School Library Journal
A poignant story of humanity, creativity, and survival … Use this book with other stories of triumph over suffering.

Midwest Book Review
Based on the true story of French composer Olivier Messaien who was captured during WWII and sent to a German prison camp . . . emotionally touching pastel illustrations add the perfect quality to this simple story about keeping hope alive n the darkness.

Prairie Messenger
In today’s educational system, it seems children receive only limited opportunities to study history, music and art, but this hope-filled book about courage and imagination could inspire lessons in all these disciplines.

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