Abe's Fish
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Abe’s Fish: a Boyhood Tale of Abraham Lincoln
written by Jen Bryant
illustrated by Amy June Bates
Sterling Publishing, February 2009
ISBN 978-1402762529

Exploring a day in the life of America’s future president, Abe's Fish is the story of six-year-old Abe, who wishes he were taller, has a mischievous streak a mile wide, loves words, and puzzles deeply over the concept of freedom, even at an early age.  Sent out to bring home a fish for the family supper, Abe encounters a soldier returning home from war.  Instead of holding onto his catch, Abe gives up his dinner to the hungry man, remembering his mother’s admonishment to always “be good to the soldiers.” 

With a deft touch and inspired characterization, Jen Bryant brings to life the spirit of a young Abraham Lincoln. Amy June Bates’ superb illustrations capture his youthful personality, the warmth of his home life, and the enduring power of his one-time chance meeting with a soldier from the War of 1812.

A fascinating portrait of the fabled Abraham Lincoln, Abe's Fish also includes an author’s note with fascinating background information organized in an easy to follow question-and-answer format; it not only discusses the story’s origins but gives child-friendly facts on Lincoln’s family, what his school was like, what he did for fun, and whether he may have seen slaves.

Abe's Fish is the perfect way for children of all ages to celebrate President’s Day and Abraham Lincoln’s bicentennial birthday.

Awards and Honors
Keystone to Reading Book Award list for 2010-2011 (Pennsylvania)

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