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Simon Cheshire

Brit Kid Lit: Meet Simon Cheshire

I met Simon Cheshire in April, 2006, when we were both part of a Random House Author Tour in the U.S. We’ve kept in touch ever since, and now that all eyes are on Britain for the Olympics, I thought it’d be the perfect time to have him do an interview for Electric Moccasin. Jen: 

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Owl Pair

Our Pals, the Owls

If you live in a wooded area as I do, and you step outside on a clear summer evening, you’ll no doubt be treated to a chorus of owls telegraphing their desires and warnings from the treetops. As an avid daytime birdwatcher, I’ve long been fascinated with these nocturnal creatures to the extent that I’ve dragged

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Phillies Fanatic

Must Be Summer

I’m not really sure how it happened. One day I was a mild-mannered poet and children’s author from Chester County, PA, filling my days with free-verse, research, and grocery shopping. The next—I’m wearing a Carlos Ruiz red-and-white striped jersey, scanning the Philadelphia Inquirer Sports section for game stats and injury updates, and racing home from the

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Ringside 1925

Truth, Justice, and the dangers of teaching Science

We are fascinated with crime, police investigations and high-profile trials. I’m not sure why, but despite all of the evidence to the contrary, perhaps we need to believe that sometimes justice prevails, truth wins, the bad guys get their due. I’ve written novels about two of these famous trials, but although they took place just

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Abraham Lincoln

Lest we forget …

Each year on or around July 4th, my husband and I watch the film Gettysburg and re-read the text of the Gettysburg Address. As graduates of Gettysburg College, not only were we privileged to spend four years at a great liberal arts school, but we had the opportunity to walk, run, cycle, and drive over

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Andrew Wyeth Studio

We were spoiled!

We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary by returning to the site of our first date: the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, PA. When we arrived at Andrew Wyeth’s home for the new studio tour, the museum staff spoiled us with flowers, a card and gift bag. Wow. This has always been a special place

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stack of papers

The mess, the madness

“We work in the dark—we do what we can—we give what we have.Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task.The rest is the madness of art.”  —Henry James I’m in the process of gathering rough drafts, editors’ letters, research and other materials for my poems, novels, and picture books, putting them in

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We begin our friendships in many ways. Share a story about the circumstances in which you met one of your closest—or most unlikely—friends. Enter it in the comments accompanying this blog entry. You’ll be registered for a random drawing to win one of ten autographed books. Post your story no later than midnight on June

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Lindbergh baby poster

Celebrating Teachers

Each year, I spend one day at a public school not far from where I live in Pennsylvania, a place where the teachers have gone the extra mile (and then some) to write grants, do extra projects, etc., in order to give their students all that they can in terms of good literature and to

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horse near mountains

A poem’s energy

This is a prose poem I wrote in the Spring several years ago.  I was playing around with the control and release of energy within each line, and I thought this topic lent itself well to that experiment. Observing Horses A man is releasing horses. The tallest gleams like polished mahogany. The smaller one is

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