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Back home, a true honor

Gettysburg College has always been a second home to me and to my husband, Neil. We met there, have remained involved there in as many ways as we can, and continue to draw strength from our alma mater’s history, integrity, culture of intellectual curiosity, and most of all—its wonderful people. On Sunday May 19, it

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An Indirect Path

Today’s Electric Moccasin features another interview excerpt which originally appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of Gettysburg, the alumni magazine for Gettysburg College, Jen Bryant’s alma mater. How did a French and secondary ed major end up writing novels and children’s books? I suppose I never perceived my major as a boundary. I’m convinced that

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A Busy Spring

Spring is always a busy time for writers as there are many conferences to attend and schools to visit. A few weeks ago, I was in San Antonio for the 58th annual conference of the International Reading Association. I participated in two signings that celebrated the launch of the new Poetry Friday anthology, published by

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Changes & Mentors

Today’s Electric Moccasin features an interview excerpt which originally appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of Gettysburg, the alumni magazine for Gettysburg College, Jen Bryant’s alma mater. You’ve written professionally for over 20 years. How has the digital age changed what you do? The biggest impact has been in how I spend my time. With

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Jersey Girl

I truly enjoy writing about poets and artists. I’m also an author who is very inspired by PLACE. So of course, as a Jersey girl, one of my favorite books is A River of Words: the Story of William Carlos Williams. Born in 1883 near Rutherford, New Jersey, Willie’s parents met in Puerto Rico. His

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Poetry Month, Poetry Friday

Happy National Poetry Month! Have you heard the excited rumblings about The Poetry Friday Anthology: Poems for the School Year with Connections to the Common Core? Edited by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong, this is an incredible resource for teachers and librarians. Divided into grades, kindergarten through fifth, there are 218 poems by 75 poets

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I’m getting reading to spend time with some of my favorite people on earth: the educators, old friends and new, whom I’ll meet at the International Reading Association conference on April 19-22. Is it a coincidence that the IRA conference coincides with National Poetry Month? Maybe. Maybe not.             One of my favorite quotes is

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Dia Booklet

Celebrate Dia April 30th!

April 30th marks the 17th anniversary of Dia, begun in 1996 by author Pat Mora as El día de los niños, El día de los libros/Children’s Day, Book Day, to promote “bookjoy,” the pleasure of reading, to all children. As Pat says in her free, downloadable planning booklet, “Dia is a daily commitment to link all

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Women's History Month

A contest to celebrate Women’s History Month

“Better late than never” is a saying that I find myself leaning on this month as I try to get some new writing done and also keep up with regular life. In keeping with this theme, and before March slides on by, here’s something fun to celebrate the final days of Women’s History month. Below

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Bear Hunt I

A Long Journey Back

In celebration of Black History Month, Melissa Sweet and I will be adding art images, quotes, and anecdotes from and about the life and art of West Chester artist Horace Pippin, the subject of our picture book A Splash of Red. Today, I begin with his first oil painting, The End of War, Starting Home, which took

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