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Kick Back and Learn Something

With all of the demands on individuals and families today, one way to squeeze in some quality time with everyone in your household is to find a book or a movie that you can enjoy together. (Not easy, I know!) However . . . here are a few suggestions to get you & your family reading/ viewing/ talking about the same subject, but with books and movies for multiple age groups. If you have others you’d like to add, please leave a comment!

The TrialSubject: Lindbergh Kidnapping Case; Charles Lindbergh
Books for adults:

  • The Lindbergh Case (by Jim Fisher)
  • Lindbergh (by A. Scott Berg)
  • New Jersey’s Lindbergh Kidnapping and Trial (by Falzini & Davidson)
  • The Airman and the Carpenter: The Lindbergh Kidnapping and the Framing of Richard Hauptman (by Ludovic Kennedy)

Books for kids:

  • The Trial (a novel in verse by Jen Bryant)
  • The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping Trial (Headline Court Cases, by J. Monroe)
  • New Jersey’s Lindbergh Kidnapping and Trial (by Falzini & Davidson)                                       


  • The Spirit of St. Louis (starring Jimmy Stewart)
  • Crime of the Century (starring Stephen Rea & Isabella Rossellini).

bk_ASOR120Subject: Horace Pippin, Painter; African American Soldiers in WWI
Books for teens/adults:

  • The Harlem Hellfighters (by Max Brooks & Canaan White)
  • A More Unbending Battle: The Harlem Hellfighter’s Struggle for Freedom in WWI and Equality at Home (by Peter N. Nelson)
  • I Tell My Heart (edit. by Judith E. Stein)

Books for kids:

  • A Splash of Red (by Bryant & Sweet)
  • Starting Home: The Story of Horace Pippin, Painter (by Mary Lyons)
  • Horace Pippin (by Mike Venezia)

Subject: Georgia O’Keeffe, painter
Books for adults:

  • Georgia O’Keeffe: A Life (by Roxanna Robinson)
  • Georgia O’Keeffe and Her Houses: Ghost Ranch and Abiquiu (by Barbara B. Lyons & A. Lopez)

Books for kids:

  • Georgia’s Bones (Bryant & Anderson)
  • My Name is Georgia (Jeanette Winters)
  • Georgia O’Keeffe (Mike Venezia)
  • Through Georgia’s Eyes (Rodriguez & Paschkis)


  • Georgia O’Keeffe (Joan Allen, Jeremy Irons)
  • Great Women Artists: Georgia O’Keefe (D. Mougenot, Director)

 And here are more.

3 thoughts on “Kick Back and Learn Something”

  1. I book I love that can open a discussion with the family is Tilly Pierce:Teen Eyewitness to the Battle of Gettysburg by Tanya Anderson. After reading the book, I can’t wait to visit the battlefield and see through my own eyes some of the places she mentions.

  2. I was thinking of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (book and movie) to start a discussion about the Holocaust. Maybe add in The Book Thief as well. (book and movie)

    Probably more appropriate for ages 12 and above.

  3. My reading partner shared Adam Gidwitz’s series, A Tale Dark & Grim. I’m reading it aloud to my 5th graders and my 7th graders. The different comments from grade levels are quite interesting…and, neither grade wants me to stop reading! Some of my students are getting excited about the new movie, Malificent, coming out in June. Fairy tales are everywhere and it’s wonderful to share them with all ages.


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