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Labor [only] of Love?

Glass artist at work.
Glass artist at work.

Making a decent living in the arts has always been a challenge. It takes a long time to find one’s voice, style, and rhythm, and during this time one has to eat!

To commemorate the commitment to LABOR on this Labor Day, here’s a list of writers and artists and a mixed-up list of the jobs they held  before–or while–they pursued their creative lives. The first TWO people to email me the correct match-ups will receive a signed JB book copy of their choosing. Good luck!  

Gretel Ehrlich

Langston Hughes

Georgia O’Keeffe

Philip Levine

Wm. Carlos Williams

Barbara Kingsolver

Robert Frost

Wallace Stevens

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Maya Angelou

trauma therapist, counselor

director, producer, actress

lab technician, biology professor


advertising graphic designer

Wyoming sheep rancher

cook & seaman

pediatrician, obstetrician 

insurance executive  

industrial auto worker



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