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Overlapping Circles

Politics_and_Prose_FrontI recently met with over a hundred 2nd  and 3rd graders from DC elem schools at the wonderful Politics & Prose book store in Washington, DC. We talked about Horace Pippin’s life and work and how he used his creativity to strengthen his arm and clear his mind after the horrible battles he fought in during WWI.

The students were very surprised to learn that several of Pippin’s most interesting paintings are located in their own Washington, DC museums!   Afterwards, I signed books in the same room where I’d signed my novel Pieces of Georgia , in April 2006. The connection between the two events AND the two books (I discovered Horace Pippin while researching that novel at the Brandywine River Museum in Pennsylvania) was another chance to see my writing life as a series of wonderful, overlapping circles.

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