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A contest to celebrate Women’s History Month

Women's History Month“Better late than never” is a saying that I find myself leaning on this month as I try to get some new writing done and also keep up with regular life. In keeping with this theme, and before March slides on by, here’s something fun to celebrate the final days of Women’s History month.

Below is a list of descriptions for the title, role, or achievement of various women who are the subject of (or a character in) my published books. Name as many of these women as you can and send me an email  with your answers and your mailing address by April 1st. The first person to send me correct answers, and two more persons chosen at random, will receive signed copy of their choice of any of my published titles. Good luck! (Hint: Visit the “Books” section of my website.)

1. Florida everglades conservationist, author of “A River of Grass.”

2. Author, essayist, co-pilot. Mother to “Little Charlie.”

3. Spanish Gypsy, smuggler, female lead of opera by the same name.

Votes for Women4. Rock star, songwriter, 1960s music icon (in Jen’s novel Kaleidoscope Eyes).

5. This African American singer is the subject of two Horace Pippin paintings.

6. Quaker minister, abolitionist, women’s right activist. Lived in Philadelphia.

7. Groundbreaking modern painter; flowers and bones a specialty. Had a NM ranch.

8. Poet who loved to visit zoos—and watch baseball! Educated at Bryn Mawr.

9. Olympic champion swimmer who swam across the English channel in 1926.

10. Photojournalist who covered the Lindbergh trial and worked for LIFE magazine.

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