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You, the reader

Reading Georgia's Bones, Cadets at West PointYou, the reader, complete the writing process. What begins as a vague notion in the writer’s mind, pushes outward into notes, outlines, character sketches—progressing to paragraphs, dialogue, rough chapters, and finally a full manuscript . . . which then passes through weeks and months of scrutiny from editors, designers, proofreaders . . . until (at last!), a book: a tangible, made thing lands in the hands of you, the reader. You complete our work by bringing to the book your unique life experiences, your emotions, your intellect, your opinions and views. For this, we thank you and we celebrate you, for without you, our work has no meaning at all.

Meeting our readers in person is always surprising and rewarding. Readers are often moved by our books in ways we couldn’t have imagined; they notice little things about our characters that we have overlooked or forgotten; they extend our stories by meshing them with their own and by challenging us to write more and to write better.

If you live in, or plan to visit, the greater Philadelphia area and would like to meet some authors, here are two opportunities in August to do exactly that! 

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