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Getting to Friday

Poetry Friday Anthology 2012I know, I know . . .  summer went by WAAAY too fast. And now, here we are—in that ambivalent back-to-school mode, one foot in August and summertime, the other in September with its autumn leaves, sweaters, and marching bands. What’s a student—or a parent, or a teacher—to do?  

May I suggest?: Do your best from Monday to Thursday, but once you get to Friday use this brand new poetry anthology, The Poetry Friday Anthology, edited by Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell, to celebrate your survival of the week and to enjoy the gift of language and the serendipity of word play. 

What’s inside? Just wait till you see!

I’m pleased and honored to be one of dozens of poets (including U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate Pat Lewis, whom you know from my last week’s blog post) whose verses grace the pages of this just-released collection, featuring a year’s worth of new, original poems for every grade level K-5, with a poem per week. As a bonus, every poem in every grade level is also paired with learning activities that are anchored in the Common Core standards. You can read more about this.  

Need I say more? (No, for sure!) I leave you to feast your eyes (and ears—please read these poems out loud, especially if you’re on a plane, bus or train . . .) on The Poetry Friday Anthology.  If you’re an educator, please consider ordering a copy for your classroom or workshop. 

Questions? Email Jen or contact the editors.

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